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Who better to make the best clown suits than clowns?  Our staff has years of clowning experience, and know how clowns move and what they need in their suits.    Now meet our Staff. 


Heckles is our LEAD FX ARTIST, we never ask how he gets the suits looking the way he does! Cause we really dont want to know, in case the cops show up


Nibbles is our on site dentist and costume designer. As crazy as he is scary, he enjoys quiet strolls after midnight, scaring people from public places. Nibbles was freed from the psych ward by Whispers and his Brother Murmur, to bring his specific touches to the collection. Follow on Facebook you never know when he will give out a Nibble code for discounts


SUUUSSSHHHHHHH MIMIC is tired of your noise, wishing you were high school cool again.


Shipping and mishandling Boss. He does his best to make sure there is no blood on the outside of your package....... not exactly the inside. After Nibbles gave Slitz a Face lift of sorts, he has been after him since. We do hope he stays!! Keeps Nibbles quiet afterall


The hide and seek champ We can never find MurMur unless something devious needs to happen. He should really be fired but we can not locate him... if you see him please have him contact us. We have our sites on a new employee in Leavenworth penitentiary that we would like to interview and SHE has been known to hunt with MurMur in the Past.


The showoff, aka DA Boss: Whispers inspires to be a killer klown from outer space one day. He enjoys sitting in wait to scare as those are his best scream makers. Job duties: reclaim the stolen souls and trade them for fabric to make his mayhem suits.


Baraka is first introduced To Midnight Mayhem as being a member of a lowly Outworld race called the Tarkata, known for unpredictable behavior and possessing a frequent violent streak. Since his show fighting days are over he tends to torment the MMA crew with practice jokes. Do you remember this guy??? HINT 1993

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