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  • What is the time range on a suit to be made?
  • Can I order a Custom Size or Color Combo
    Yes! With colors if you see 2 suits you want mixed contact us and we will try to accommodate. We can make Custom Sizes and Color Combos. Since all sales are FINAL and you may not be present to be measured, we would request that you have some basic measuments 1. Chest/ Bust measurement. 2. Inseam measurment 3. Waist 4. Height is needed for extra tall or regular designiation.
  • Is this another halloween store costume that will tear a seam during the first use?
    NO! These suits are double stitched and professionally sewn! The are built to be used from home to professional haunted houses. Our costumes are constructed of heavy cotton fabric for durability. All seams are double stitched and have professionally finished edges to prevent fraying or tearing. Some alterations can be made if requested when ordering. Alterations will not be made after the item has shipped. Our costumes are custom designed and handmade so may contain slight variations from the photos.
  • Can I wash my costume
    Yes, but please remove the PomPoms from the suit before washing.
  • What is your return policy?
    All sales are FINAL please contact us first if you have any questions about sizing or fitment. Everyone is built a little different and we would like to make sure that the suits will fit you!
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